Tezos WNO: Fastest Submissions

Fastest Submissions On Tezos WNO (Overall)

Adele Fornarino's Aoki lock submission over Tubby Alequin at WNO 22 tied with Nicky Ryan's 23-second heel hook over Tony Ramos as the fastest in the history of WNO.

She's not the only athlete who cracked the top 25 in the first WNO of the 2024 season. Jacob Couch topped his previous best (1:54) with a 1:23 heel hook over Sebastian Rodriguez to take the spot at no.13, while Daniel Sathler's armlock from a flying triangle at 61-seconds landed him at no.10.

1Nicky Ryan0:00:23Heel HookTony Ramos10/2/2020Mens 170
1Adele Fornarino0:00:23Aoki LockAmanda Alequin2/9/2024Womens 125
3Luke Griffith0:00:24Inside Heel HookHaisam Rida11/11/2022
Mens Heavyweight
4Sophia Cassella0:00:35Inside Heel HookJessie Crane3/25/2022Women's 115
5Haisam Rida0:00:36ArmbarMiha Perhavec6/18/2021Mens 205
6Micael Galvao0:00:43ArmbarPJ Barch10/1/2023
Men's Welterweight
7Amanda Alequin0:00:43Toe HoldJessa Khan9/26/2021Womens 115
8Craig Jones0:00:46Inside Heel HookLuiz Panza5/28/2021
Mens Heavyweight
9Mikey Musumeci0:00:57"Mikey Lock"Richard Alarcon10/20/2021Mens 135
10Daniel Sathler0:01:01ArmbarMax Hanson2/9/2024Mens 170
11Helena Crevar0:01:11Heel HookHealy Dayan8/10/2023Women's 145
12Mikey Musumeci0:01:26Inside Heel HookLucas Pinheiro5/28/2021Mens 135
13Jacob Couch0:01:26Heel HookSebastian Rodriguez2/9/2024Mens 185
14Luke Griffith0:01:27Rear Naked ChokeJoe Dierkhising3/25/2022
Men's Heavyweight
15Tammi Musumeci0:01:43Twisting Arm LockDanielle Kelly9/26/2021Womens 115
16Joshua Cisneros0:01:51ArmbarDamien Anderson9/25/2021Mens 155
17Andrew Tackett0:01:52Rear Naked ChokeTroy Russell8/10/2023Men's 170
18Jacob Couch0:01:54Inside Heel HookRoberto Jimenez9/25/2021Mens 185
19Craig Jones0:02:25Inside Heel HookRoberto Jimenez10/2/2020Mens 205
20Kaynan Duarte0:02:28Rear Naked ChokeRodolfo Vieira12/11/2020
Mens Heavyweight
21Jacob Couch0:02:29GuillotineBruno Matias11/11/2022Mens 185
22Cole Abate0:02:43Ankle LockNed Johnson3/27/2021
Catchweight 140
23Micael Galvao0:02:52ArmbarJacob Couch 9/25/2021Mens 185
24Danielle Kelly0:03:00KneebarJessie Crane6/18/2021Womens 115
25Achilles Rocha0:03:06Toe HoldJB Bechtloff8/10/2023Men's 185