2024 Brasileiro Jiu-Jitsu IBJJF

2024 IBJJF Brasileiros Preview: The Best In Brazil Are Ready To Perform

2024 IBJJF Brasileiros Preview: The Best In Brazil Are Ready To Perform

The best black belts from around Brazil are set to take the mat for the IBJJF Brasileiros, the last major championship before Worlds!

Apr 25, 2024
2024 IBJJF Brasileiros Preview: The Best In Brazil Are Ready To Perform

The final stop before Worlds is going on right now in Rio, as the best from Brazil taking the mats on Saturday and Sunday to campaign for gold at the IBJJF Brasileiros. This tournament brings out some of the best energy and most competitive matches, with a lot of Brazilian athletes taking pride in winning on their home soil. There will be non-Brazilian athletes in the mix as well, with stars like Brianna Ste-Marie and Isaac Doederlein entered to take their shot. In fact, Doederlein will attempt to become the first non-American to win this tournament 3 times.

There are also black belts working to continue their 2024 IBJJF Grand Slam run, including Mica Galvao, Thalison Soares, Kennedy Maciel, and Gabrieli Pessanha - all of whom won Euros and Pan gold. These Grand Slam runs are one of the hardest things to accomplish in the sport and having so many vying for it at once is a rarity.

The team race at Brasileiros will also be intense, with everyone wanting to stake their claim to being Brazil's best squad in the heart of Rio. Factions like Fratres, Alliance, and DreamArt are all expected to contend for the team title - both at black belt and overall.

While Gabrieli Pessanha will almost assuredly continue her stranglehold on the absolute title, having won the last 11 major double golds, the men's absolute will be more of an unknown. There's some heavy hitters like Victor Honorio, Patrick Gaudio, and Helder Jose who all could navigate the field - but no clear favorite. The biggest name in the men's divisions will likely be Mica Galvao, though because of a recent ankle injury at Pans it is unlikely he does the open class.

Notable Entries

Men's Divisions


-Zayed Alkatheeri

-Thalison Soares

-Yuri Hendrix


-Kevin Alencar

-Mourece Ramirez

-Cleber Sousa

-Kalel Nascimento


-Isaac Doedelen

-Kennedy Maciel

-Danilo Soares

-Alex Sodre

-Diego Sodre

-Ademir Barreto


-Sandrey Silva

-Rolando Samson

-Lucas Protasio

-Pedro Maia

-Alexandre Joaquim de Jesus


-Mica Galvao

-Fabyury Khrystyan

-Andy Murasaki


-Rafael Paganini

-Alex Munis

-Servio Tulio


-Italo Lima

-Pedro Machado

-Patrick Gaudio

-Caio Paganini

-Tyron Gonsalves


-Anderson Kauan

-Harryson Pereira

-Elioenai Braz


-Victor Honorio

-Helder Jose

-Cleyton Flores

Women's Divisions


-Shelby Murphey

-Giulia Gregorut


-Brenda Larissa

-Mayssa Bastos

-Jessica Caroline Dantas


-Ana Rodrigues

-Emily Nicholson

-Maria Claudia Almeida


-Vitoria Vieira

-Brianna Ste-Marie

-Suellen Souza


-Thalyta Lima


-Maria Vicentini

-Ingridd Alves

-Aurelie Le Vern

-Sabatha Lais

-Thamara Ferreira


-Melissa Cueto

-Amanda Magda

-Thaynara Aprecida


-Gabi Pessanha

-Yara Soares

-Mikaela Lima

-Kauany Ramos